Synergy: An App Worth Supporting!

For a while now I have had to deal with several keyboards and mice laying on my desk. Thue to having two systems for my work: a MacBook Pro with BlueTooth Keyboard/Trackpad and 24″ monitor attached and a Windows 7 system I built for gaming and watching movies on another monitor.

I found that I was constantly typing on the wrong keyboard or using wrong mouse/trackpad. After a while I remembered that a friend had used a software to fix this issue quite some time ago. I failed to remember it’s name but with a Google search for ‘Multiple Desktop Control’ I quickly found what I was looking for: Synergy.

This software allows you to control multiple desktops with a single mouse and keyboard. It supports Mac OS X, Windows and Linux and is VERY easy to install, configure and use. I ended up buying a premium account and plan to support this software in the future because they give the software out for free! You can’t get a better software for the same price.

Since I bought it, they have

So head on over there and use the software and help them out by donating so that they can continue to provide an excellent application for us all!

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Book Review for Mastering HTML5 Forms

I was recently asked to do a book review on a new book called Mastering HTML5 Forms by Gaurav Gupta. After reading it, I found that though this book is shorter than most books I usually read, it covered the whole of HTML 5 forms very concisely and made sure that it took into account all of the necessary features that were added to the HTML5 Specifications.

The reasoning behind it being so short is that it focuses on forms and the elements added so that it can go into deeper details regarding the forms elements that were added. If you want a book explaining all of HTML5 this isn’t it but if you want to see all of the different advanced features for the form elements, this is definitely a good resource for you to have available.

The book continues by going over the validation of forms both on the front end and the back end by explaining multiple methods of form validations. Just to name a few mentioned, you will read about JavaScript forms validations, general server side and then for most of that chapter going over HTML5 constraints that are being included in browsers that help validate forms.

On top of that this book goes into covering new CSS 3 features that you will be able to use to style your forms and continues to go over laying out the design for forms. This includes going over the pseudo-selectors, text effects and new fonts capabilities.

After that you will be introduced to basic forms behavior with PHP & MySQL and then finally you will be introduced to how to create responsive web forms.

Overall I have to say it is definitely a good introduction for introducing people to the world of HTML5 forms. Some sections and details may even be useful for advanced users due to how it includes extra details regarding the form elements and their options.

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UBO v1.9.0 Testing

Hey folks,
I apologize for the hectic times I have had at work it has kept me from maintaining the game like I wanted to. I am going to be reverting to a new version of the Legacy System with a release version of v1.9.0 so I am needing some of you guys to help me run testing of UBO.

I am pushing us back to v1.9.0, upgrading it and then I will be starting on a new game from scratch but before I can do that I need a fully tested system so I can replace the pre-release v2.0 on main server etc. All users that already have an account on UBO main server should be able to login to the testing server right away.

The main features coming forward in the v1.9.0 down from v2.0 is the return of Clans and much much more. I hope to get the Legacy system fully running and tested with all of the features it needs soon so that I can push it up. However, as stated I need testers who are able to tell me where issues are so that when I release v1.9.0 it will not contain a bunch of bugs.

You can reach testing server at the address below!


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The Cold Wars Up and Coming Updates

A simple chat system has been added and tested on base page of the main server,

Additionally since this game is built on PHP and as with everything, languages evolve over time.

The Cold Wars has been lucky to not have experienced features that the game relies on being removed from PHP before now. However, we have seen in PHP 5.4 that split got deprecated and will be removed in later builds so I had to fix this by using explode instead, which was not a real problem as it was only occuring in a few places.
In PHP 5.5, mysql_query the function we use to store things in our database will be deprecated and soon removed, which means I will have to update the database class to use PDO which allows for prepared statements saves as well as having to do a few other things before it touches database.
Now this is where the big update comes in every query this game has needs to be changed to fit new db class, so this is something I’m starting on now and will test on a test server before I move to main.
When I open Test server I will need people who test everything they can and report everything if you cant do that then test server is not a place you will enjoy.

This is a big upgrade to engine and I will have to go through each file line by line and clean up and remove old code and fix unseen bugs that pop up and if possible optimize how the game runs.

Once this is done I will start working on new features and improvements to features that already in the game.

As of right now I have no release date or deadline because I’m preparing for it now rather then later when the update hits.

On a Side note I have been enjoying my time here at Dark Prospect Gaming and hope all the players enjoy me there too Smilie: ;)

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Welcome to Advocaite and His Crew

I would like to personally welcome Advocaite and all of the players from Extreeme Gaming into the Dark Prospect Games family. Today we made the final arrangements for the merger of these two companies. With Advocaite and the crew from Extreeme Gaming joining us they will be bring a new game known as The Cold Wars to be added to the proud family of excellent games that Dark Prospect Games strives to provide for our customers.

The Cold Wars will be added to our list of games shortly and with him continuing to work on the game I am certain that it will not enrich us with new ideas but give our players new opportunities to play new games.

Again, welcome Advocaite and everyone from Extreeme Gaming to the Dark Prospect Games family!

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Moving GitHub Repositories to Organization

In order to be able to efficiently manage our open source projects, we have decided to move all of the repositories on GitHub into an Organization. Which you can view at from this point onwards.

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Upgrade PHP to 5.4.14 with OS X Server

Background Story for the Article

I stopped using prebuilt applications that you can easily purchase online, for example MAMP and WebStart for Mac OS X, due to their limitations and in some instances lack up support and/or frequency of updates. In other instances the way that the servers were built were not designed for users that are of a developer level and thus did not fit my needs. I shortly after getting frustrated with all these quick solutions and their inability to give me the flexibility I needed to test my apps as rigorously as I needed tossed them to the side, even after paying money to use them and invested $20 in Apple’s OS X Server in the App Store.

This application gave me all the tools I needed to run a web server natively from my MacBook Pro without all hassles of dealing with a third party app. However, once I finished figuring out OS X Server’s simple interface and started digging into what they had installed natively I was slightly disappointed  by the fact that there was no option to choose a higher version of PHP. As of this post, it is currently PHP 5.3.15 and I need the additional features of PHP 5.4 in order to continue doing my work as I please.

It is at this point that I started searching online for a way to upgrade it to work with as similar a configuration as possible. During this time however, I had MacPorts installed and for some reason the compiling always failed. I set it to the side for a while since I had to continue working but eventually went back to researching the issue. After reading several reports on the subject I found that MacPorts was the one giving me the issues because of mismatched libraries and how they were not located in /usr with the rest of the system’s libraries. I eventually came to the conclusion that MacPorts needed to be replaced.

I compared most of the package managers I could find and found that HomeBrew was the solution due to it compiling the libraries for the system with native libraries and symlinking the folders into /usr/local so that the system could see the libraries and use them appropriately like any other *Nix system.

How to Setup and Configure PHP

The following is a description of the steps needed to successfully compile PHP for OS X Server from setting up OS X Server to Installing PHP itself. Thanks for your patiences and enjoy!

In order for this to work natively with a front end interface, you will need to uninstall any other application that installs PHP or Apache to your system and all the folders it creates. I used AppDelete by Reggie Ashworth and have found it to be quite worth the money I bought it for. It removes every instance of the software installed that can be found. After that I went and bought and installed Apple’s OS X Server from the App Store and installed it after making sure that the latest XCode was installed with the Command Line Utilities.

Once OS X Server is installed and you finish the setup for it, go install HomeBrew with the following command:

Once that is complete you will then need to install libraries required for PHP as follows:

After that you will need to download PHP and configure it as follows. Please keep in mind that I have not altered the config command much due to my desire to keep it in line with the default configuration. However you can change it as you see fit.

If you find any libraries missing you can always do a Google search to find out what it is in order to resolve that dependency issue. But overall it is quite easy once you figure out what needs to be done! Good luck and have fun!

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New Project – Cpanel::Easy::ModProxyHTML

I am proud to announce a new project that will allow cPanel Admins to install an OptMod that contains the mod_proxy_html Apache Module. As usual you will be able to view progress on it on our GitHub

About Cpanel::Easy::ModProxyHTML

Cpanel::Easy::ModProxyHTML installs the mod_proxy_html module for Apache via EasyApache. It also includes the following prequisite modules: mod_xml2enc

This module should show up as Mod Proxy HTML in steps 4. “Short Options List” and 5. “Exhaustive Options List” after installation. No post configuration should be needed once EasyApache finishes step 7. “Build”.

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Anubis Server – Dev PHP 5.5.0 Alpha 1 Released!

Everyone on Anubis server, you are now able to test your code in the new PHP version 5.5.0. As before, I believe in giving ample time until release as well as that all of us should be ready for future generations of the programming language we are using. In following with this philosophy I always use the latest release of PHP pushed from cPanel.

You can add support for the dev branch to a directory by adding the following to the .htaccess in the directory that you will be testing with.

AddType application/x-httpd-phpdev .php

The major features of PHP 5.5.0 in Alpha 1 are:

  • support for Generators,
  • a new password hashing API,
  • support for finally in try/catch blocks
  • support for list() in foreach,
  • constant array/string dereferencing,
  • ext/intl improvement.

A lot of good features are still in the works, however please be reminded: Do not use this on production sites! Alpha and Beta releases are not stable and could allow for vulnerabilities to be introduced into your games. As such I suggest you create a testing subdomain with which you can test your code before the release of PHP 5.5.0 to ensure that there are no issues between versions.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your development experience. As always if you have any server issues contact me regarding them and I will make sure to resolve them.

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Facebook Ignited v1.2.1 Released!

I know I missed the release of v1.2.0, so I will include it in with this update! Not much changed to the core FBI libraries but you are not able to use Spark Installer to install Facebook Ignited! I am a bit excited about this release because it makes it much easier to install the plugin.

Release v1.2.0 & v1.2.1

  • Adding more defined visibility to all methods, preventing users from accessing the $this->globals variable.
  • Adding support for file uploads via Facebook Ignited in the fb_config.php
  • Added a new method fb_notification() to handle Facebook notifications.
  • Added a fix for the constant redirect issue for some users not enabling query strings.
  • Merged Pull Request #11 by dcostalis: Fixed the autoloader config file for Spark.
  • Merged Pull Request #12 by dcostalis: Added a conditional to the translating query strings to $_REQUEST[] if existent only.

If you have any issues with this installer or the plugin in general please refer to the GitHub Issues Page and report a bug for me to fix it or go to the discussion thread to report it there.

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